About the Company

Spot of Tea is a small business, begun in October of 2014. We might be small, but we’re plucky, and we’re always growing. We are passionate about tea, and loose tea in particular. It might be convenient to just pick up a box of tea from the grocery store so you have pre-bagged tea to enjoy (no judgment, we do that too), but to truly enjoy the delicacy/robustness/freshness/roasted-ness/whatever it is is you like in a tea, loose is the way to go.

Our History

We began as an online business and a section in a local mom’n’pop shop in uptown Racine, Wisconsin. When that local shop moved on to bigger and better things, we made the decision to go online-only. Doing this has allowed us not only to expand our range of products, but it lets us keep costs down so that we can pass those savings on to you! Good stuff, right?